Monday’s cinema

Monday is my day-off from University and, when I don’t have too much to study, I like to spend this day visiting an art gallery or going to the cinema.
TODAY I finally go to watch La La Land by Damien Chazelle at ODEON Tottenham Court.


Have you watched this movie? Give me ideas for my review by leaving a comment below with your opinions/rantings or doing this very quick poll!

I actually have great expectations for the Gosling-Stone 1950s couple and I am looking forward to share with you my critical review.


5 thoughts on “Monday’s cinema

  1. La La land is hugely indebted to Casablanca – I’ve just rewatched that film and was amazed by its depth (there are at least 6 main plots). La La land is fun (the first scene is nothing like the rest though) but i’m not sure it had the depth of Casablanca. It does however have plenty of heartstring pulling about the “one who got away”. Nicola


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