La La Land – don’t miss seeing the new Casablanca

Thanks to its combination of romance, beautiful musics and cultural connotations, La La Land by Damien Chazelle is definitely one of the best movie I have watched this year.

The passionate and dramatic love story between the dissatisfied jazz musician Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and the aspiring actress Mia (Emma Stone) will moved you in a way that only Rick and Ilsa from Casablanca have been able to… Love, though profound and overwhelming, cannot replace the natural human desire of self-realization.


Stunning choreographies, musics and 1950s costumes accompany the blossoming of this love making the musical unique and enchanting.

I believe that the encounter between the two passions of the characters, jazz and acting, has been able to represent the greatest metaphor of the musical as a movie genre.
The historical intense plot of Casablanca is so made slightly “softer” through the insouciance of dance and music.


Should I go?

My advice is absolutely to experience it at the cinema – It is only £9 with the student discount!
Rating: 10/10

Enjoy the view.




3 thoughts on “La La Land – don’t miss seeing the new Casablanca

    1. Thanks for the nice feedback, Gary, I hope you will enjoy the movie! I know that I mentioned a giant, but I think that Sebastian and Mia are deserving too. All the best!


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