A book about Hippies

How much do you know about those 70s free-spiritated people, calling for peace and freedom, wearing flared jeans and flowers in their hair?

If you want to discover something more about these counterculture icons, do not miss the reading of Hippies by Gary Gautier. It is an enjoyable short novel that you can read all at once!

Rating: 10/10
Cost: $10.99 – also available in Kindle format for $2.99.


Presentation by the author:

By 1970, the hippie scene was faltering, a victim of both inner contradictions and external forces. The Vietnam war resistance, psychedelic drugs, sexual openness, the freedom of the commune – it seemed that everything about the 1960s could be incredibly liberating or wildly destructive. Against this backdrop, Jazmine, Ziggy, Ragman and a coterie of hippies discover an LSD-spinoff drug that triggers past life regressions and sweeps them toward a dramatic climax. This is the epic tale of hippiedom we’ve been waiting for, intimate in the lives of its characters but panoramic in its coverage of the sights, sounds, and ideals of the Age of Aquarius. Hippies is well-suited to readers of historical fiction, literary fiction, and anyone interested in the 1960s or the history of countercultural movements.

Find out more about the author:

Gary Gautier, with an MA from UT-Austin and a Ph.D. from CU-Boulder, has taught writing and literature at the University of Colorado and Louisiana State University. He has published children’s and scholarly books, novels and poetry, literary criticism and book reviews. Gary has hitchhiked through 40 states and 8 countries, run two marathons, and once, due to a series of misadventures, spent six months as the chef at a French restaurant.

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